Hello! We are a small and friendly club based in North Cornwall. We welcome everyone with an interest in horses, even if they do not currently own one.

Among our members are casual riders with a horse or two in the field, pony clubbers, hunters, endurance riders, and competitors in various disciplines. Many of us fit into several categories!

Through the year we organise training days at a range of venues, sharing the cost as much as possible. Our aim is to provide a variety both of locations and types of training. Through the winter we hold lessons at Barguse and Tall Trees, and we also have access to private venues with good facilities. In summer months we head further afield to Knightswood, Chyverton, St Leonards and others.

Typically we organise lessons in flatwork, showjumping, eventing, and other sessions such as jumpcrosse, working equitation and pleasure rides. Participants are divided into small groups based on ability levels. Riders of all levels are invited to join in suitable activities – if you are unsure which will work best for you, our trainers are happy to help.

We also organise a yearly riding camp in May, as well as fundraising and social events through the year.

The club supports individuals and teams to enter and compete in various disciplines, including showjumping, dressage, eventing, and endurance.



  • Chairman: Janet Elston
  • Treasurer: Jess Holman
  • Secretary: Sally Rowe
  • Membership Secretary: Helen McMillan
  • Training Coordinator: Carina Kane
  • Teams Manager: Sian Harris
  • Merchandise: Roz Mather
  • Publicity/Marketing: Gillian Molesworth and Tracy Wilson