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I’m not sure quite what possessed me to do it but when our teams captain put a call out on our riding club Facebook page for another 70cm rider for the Area 19 team showjumping in February, I volunteered.

The British Riding Clubs have issued a statement about changes in rules for flu jabs: the full statement is below but basically it goes back to annual after January 1 2023, and the 15-month allowance ends on Dec 31 2022. Below is the BRC's full statement: 


by Sian Harris, CVRC Teams Captain

What a busy time we've been having this season, with CVRC members taking part in many Riding Club competitions. Here's a description of what's happened so far: 

Gillian Molesworth learns about Becky Kennen's fascinating horsey history

Becky Kennen is a UKCC level 2 instructor who has competed at Intermediate level eventing, trained racehorses, designed/built cross country courses and spent many years teaching in Cornwall and beyond. We discover some influences on her long and varied equestrian career

The sun shone on the Camel Valley Riding Club for their 2022 Camp, held the weekend of May 21-22. Sadly the only date we could get at Chyverton clashed with one of our own area competitions, so we missed many members who attended that. About 14 riders were able to take part.

by Tracy Wilson

It literally was a masterclass in ‘cross country’ training at Chyverton Park, Zelah on Sunday 3rd April 2022 which would have suited any horse and rider combination at any level of ability. Becky Kennen taught us how to ride across open ground in a balanced and rhythmical way in walk, trot and canter, accounting for undulations in the ground, upwards and downwards slopes (which weren’t actually that obvious until she pointed them out to us) and distractions our horses might experience that we might not immediately spot.

A capacity crowd packed into the Snail’s Pace Café in St Breward in Thursday March 31, for the CVRC Annual General Meeting. 21 members were in attendance, with three more joining on Zoom.

Chairman Janet Elston welcomed members, thanking the committee for their ongoing hard work.

The CVRC team that qualified for the BRC Arena Eventing Championships headed off for faraway Aston Le Walls on Thursday, March 3. The entrants in the 80cm team class were Sian Harris on Quinn, Jess Holman on Millie, Celena Wolfe on Dude, and Debbie Bull on Beau. The support team included Celena’s partner Andy and CVRC chairman Janet.

by Vanessa Lunt

The club was invited to Jo Bryant's home and stables at Trebudannon to hear about endurance riding, as hosted by Rachel Farley-Claridge with vet Ruth Varcoe. The evening on Thursday, March 3 started in jovial mood with my car pool guests, Sian Harris and Sally Keat: we decided to bring wine!

Winner winner chicken dinner! A plucky team and individuals from Camel Valley headed to Colraine on February 26 for the Combined Challenge, which used to be called the Festival of the Horse: it's a showjumping round followed by a a cross country round, measured against an optimum time.