The sun shone on the Camel Valley Riding Club for their 2022 Camp, held the weekend of May 21-22. Sadly the only date we could get at Chyverton clashed with one of our own area competitions, so we missed many members who attended that. About 14 riders were able to take part.

Many of us arrived on Friday night, getting unloaded and settled in in time to enjoy some time together. We divided into four groups, and headed into the rings for some schooling to start off. Our instructors were Becky Kennen and Senara Caddy.   

After lunch, it was back for more riding, with some pole exercises to test our mettle. Then back to tents and horse boxes to rest a little before our evening activity, dance-fit and pilates with Jess from Spark Fitness. We did lots of salsa moves and had a lot of laughs, then on to some much-needed stretching before drinks.

In the evening we enjoyed a fabulous barbeque, including Cornish Wagyu beef and Tracy Wilson’s beautiful home-made sausages. Some of our members modelled checked out our new club jackets, with a view to a buy!

On Sunday, riders tried their hands and hoofs to some riding to music, including formation riding, on a speaker provided by Gillian. There were some technical difficulties, and some of the horses didn’t like the music, but others really took to it and strutted their stuff! It was fun to see.

Another highlight was a full English breakfast which we all helped prepare – this was a much needed starch and oil boost and it tasted wonderful!

Many struck out to the cross country course on Sunday, to have a little play over the jumps. Much success and fun with our horses.

All that remained was to pack up and go home, and say goodbye having made new friends and memories. Thanks to Janet and the committee, the instructors, and Gemma’s daughter for being chief dog holder and general helper!