The CVRC hosted its own club dressage day on July 25 at Lower Croan, which had around 10 entrants doing intro, novice and prelim tests. Trainer Becky Kennen was there to warm everyone up and get them ready for their test, then the judge Miriam Hopper gave each rider a score and feedback on not only their performance, but also what they could do to improve next time. If they wanted to, riders had the opportunity to ride the test again with the suggested tweaks. 

Miriam said: "It was a friendly day for everyone but suited especially to riders who maybe had not done a lot of dressage. The aim was really to give them more detailed feedback than a standard dressage test, which can be a bit cold and only based on the horse's performance."

Those who took part were very enthused about the event and all agreed that it was a jolly and useful event, and thanked the organisers and volunteers, including Sally Rowe who called the tests. 

These were the results:

Intro B

1st Sally Keat

2nd Ruth Valance

3rd Susie Wakeham

4th Ann Kent

5th Caroline Chenery

Novice 24

Vanessa Lunt

Prelim 13

1st Tracy Wilson

2nd Carina Kane

3rd Pauline Jeffrey