One of our long-standing club members Barbara Bullion hosted a fun party for CVRC members at the end of June. Thanks to Covid precautions, it was held outside, and thanks to the Cornish weather, we had to huddle under cover a bit, but nothing could dampen the spirits of club members who were delighted to be together again and with a group of like-minded people who could happily chat about their horses, tack, stables, and field management to their heart’s content without anyone getting bored.

There was a super buffet spread laid on by the hostess and her helpers, plenty of drinks, and even live entertainment provided by club chairman and woodwind performer Janet Elston on saxophone with backing tracks, and Gillian Molesworth who handed round the Campfire Songbook and accompanied a bit of singing on guitar. We even managed to dance to a little bit of Abba. It was a really lovely social evening and great to see riders of all ages enjoying each other’s company. Thanks to Barbara for swell party!