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by teams captain Sian Harris

An 80cm team (Celena Wolfe, Sian Harris, Jess Holman and Debbie Bull) and a 100cm individual (Poppy Stiles) ventured to Bicton arena on Saturday, November 13 for the British Riding Clubs Area 19 Arena Eventing qualifier.

by Janet Elston

I have always suffered from excitement so you can imagine the state I was in leading up to our trip to Badminton Grassroots in 2019 and the following trip to Blenheim Eventer Challenge. The whole experience was absolutely amazing and it started well beforehand with all the planning – packing the lorry for both horse and humans, buying the food and of course a few bottles of bubbly just in case.

On Thursday, Oct 21, a healthy turnout of CVRC members met at St Mabyn Inn to relax and enjoy each other's company. The club had laid on a variety of tasty food, including gourmet pizza and sandwiches, and chips - on draft at the pub was a variety of local beers, ciders, and other drinks. Everyone appreciated the opportunity to catch up, and see what each other looks like without a riding helmet on! 

by Liz Freeman

Last Sunday (October 17) it dawned a most beautiful day and I was due to meet up for a ride on Dartmoor  -   lovely two-hour or so ride I thought  - perfect! I had arranged to meet up with Becky in a layby on the A30 at Launceston.  Along she came with 2 other trailers in her wake so I tagged on – now we had us a convoy!

by Tracy Wilson

My first thought when I saw this ride being advertised to club members was I can’t possibly tow that far, I don’t know where I’m going, it’s Bank Holiday Sunday, the roads will be too busy…! But with encouragement from my husband and Carina, I pulled on my brave pants and booked in – closely followed by Pauline as we could travel our horses together.

The day dawned and it was beautiful – blue skies and wall to wall sunshine. We loaded Prince and Stragus and left North Cornwall at 7.30am, heading for Tavistock. 

The CVRC hosted its own club dressage day on July 25 at Lower Croan, which had around 10 entrants doing intro, novice and prelim tests. Trainer Becky Kennen was there to warm everyone up and get them ready for their test, then the judge Miriam Hopper gave each rider a score and feedback on not only their performance, but also what they could do to improve next time. If they wanted to, riders had the opportunity to ride the test again with the suggested tweaks. 

Our annual joint Fun Ride hosted by the CVRC and the Fourburrow Hunt was held this year on July 31 and August 1 at Trebudannon racecourse near St Columb. The weather was fair, and more than 200 riders were able to access this amazing countryside route with optional jumps and hardly any road work - despite a half marathon going on simultaneously in the area! 

One of our long-standing club members Barbara Bullion hosted a fun party for CVRC members at the end of June. Thanks to Covid precautions, it was held outside, and thanks to the Cornish weather, we had to huddle under cover a bit, but nothing could dampen the spirits of club members who were delighted to be together again and with a group of like-minded people who could happily chat about their horses, tack, stables, and field management to their heart’s content without anyone getting bored.

Over the summer of 2021, a selection of CVRC members entered into the dressage foray under the cheerful leadership of Roz Mather with her fabulous boy Jimmy (posh name Kolorado M). Nicola Stephens on Bounce, Cassy Gadsby on Loui, Julie Page on Bel, Gillian Molesworth on Duke, Jill Landeryou on Rory, and Tracy Wilson on Prince all took part. The goal was to do some team events under British Dressage’s Quest programme.

Several CVRC riders represented the club at the British Riding Clubs Area 19 showjumping qualifiers on June 20, both as a team organised by teams captain Sian Harris, and as individual competitors. The event was held at Chyverton, and although rain was forecast, the sun shone: a little too much for comfort at times! It was a fun, well organised day and we jumped on grass.